KOR One Black Hydration Vessel by RKS Design

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KOR One Black Hydration
Eric Arnes, the Boss and cofounder of KOR described the primary goal of the project ended up being to raise awareness about critical challenges that water faces these days. Using more than 3 occasions how big Manhattan, South Berry Island marine protected area will end up probably the most biologically diverse areas within the Bahamas. But really it’s a protected area in title only, because in excess of 10 years, there’s been no infrastructure, no enforcement with no protection. Should you help funding the project, together we are able to assist the Character Conservancy transform el born area in to the nation’s first no-take marine reserve. Ultimately, it’ll enable healthy and natural marine habits and species and sustainable livelihoods for anyone from the South Berry Islands. We’re unsure why, but designers possess some special attraction to dark colored. Possibly this is among the explanations why KOR Water once more partnered with RKS design to build up KOR One Black, a unique hydration vessel for any special cause. Black may be the new gold, using the cost of $99 each, for those sales of special edition KOR ONE Black, the organization will support Summit Series and Character Conservancy. This organization will transform 70square miles of sea around close to the South Berry Islands in Bahamas right into a marine protected area. To date KOR water has elevated almost $6000 up to now. Would you like to help?

KOR Water One Black Hydration Concept
Concerning the dark colored, well KOR The first is an elegant and modern water bottle in almost any color. But black can give this vessel a bold and sleek look as being a stealth fighter jet. The only issue, unlike a stealth fighter jet, you will not have the ability to stay individually distinct whenever you take with you this awesome KOR One Black water bottle. It’s an attention getter. This special edition KOR One Black features a unique story inside the cap from the vessel.
Design KOR One Black Hydration Vessel

Hydration KOR One Black Water Eric Arnes KOR One Black Hydration Vessel

RKS Design KOR One Black Hydration
Design by RKS Design for KOR Water


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