Nokia 888 Mobile Phone

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nokia 888 mobile phone tamer nakisciA personal cell phone communication gadget that enables you to definitely be free and fun. It’s light, easy and lighthearted. You are able to change its form based on your requirements throughout your day. You do not have to transport it in your wallet or in your wrist. You are able to make it anywhere, in anyform.

unique nokia 888 mobile phone tamer nakisci
You are able to roll it, bend it, you should get some clothes just like a clip. Additionally, it makes some form changes that causes it to be more ergonomical: i.e. when you wish to speak about the phone, your body form becomes are the traditional telephone. You are able to personalize these forms and record them. Therefore it fits the finest in the manner you have selected. Also e-motions allow you to send forms with other 888 customers: i.e. you are able to send a heart contour around your girlfriend or perhaps a dancing figure for your buddies to give them a call towards the party tonight. By doing this you are able to talk left without words.
cute nokia 888 mobile phone tamer nakisciTamer Nakisci describes at length relating to this work.
Technologies which are used
It uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touchscreen, touch sensitive body cover which allows it understand and adapt to the atmosphere. It features a simple prrr-rrrglable body mechanism to ensure that it changes forms in various situations.
slim nokia 888 mobile phone tamer nakisci
Design by Tamer Nakisci


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