Nooka Zizm ZenH Concept

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Nooka Zizm ZenH Concept
New york based style design company nooka, going by matthew waldman, has created the particular ‘zizm’ zenH timepiece. ZenH face is actually understood by critiquing the top two rows for current several hours, while reading the next row as moments, and the fourth, while seconds. consistent with nooka’s advanced aesthetic philosophy, the actual piece deviates in the classic circular type of the wristwatch, alternatively opting for a rectangular face and shoulder straps joined to the timepiece by angular metal accessories. In order to create the ideal suit for the wearer, nooka fashions the straps from silicone– the first for this designer. the face area of the timepiece includes a crystal lens with a zenH display which, given its angled surface, induces any distorted view of occasion. The faceted pattern is actually consistent throughout the bands of the timepiece as well, whether sported throughout titanium or blue.
Square Nooka Zizm ZenH

Cool Nooka Zizm ZenH Design Nooka Futuristic Zizm ZenH

Liner Nooka Futuristic Zizm ZenH
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