Zero Helicopter Concept by Hector Del Amo

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Zero Helicopter
We’ve always imagined that certain day we are able to range from one spot to another without needing to cope with traffic jam. How bout flying in one spot to another? Have a look at Zero helicopter concept by Hector del Amo. This single person vehicle isn’t any regular chopper, well it isn’t a personal jet, but it works in an exceedingly awesome way. We love to the truth that this zero-formed chopper looks smaller sized in comparison to bug helicopter but regrettably less portable as Libelula helicopter. Regardless, we still desire to see Zero helicopter allow it to be in to the real life.

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Hector Del Amo Zero Helicopter Concept
Design by Hector Del Amo


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  1. AK

    05/20/2012, 02:41 am


    cool Heli Concept but where can i buy one ?!
    what’s the Price and a technical Data Sheet would also be nice…

    hmm… where can I get this nice thing in Germany ???

    can Hector put his Advertisement Flugzeug24,com ? :-)

    lg, AK


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