ZeusHydration Water Collector Concept by Kwan Ken Yong

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ZeusHydration Water Collector
The possible lack of clean and safe water is just one of vital problems faced by a lot of who reside in developing nations. ZeusHydration Water Collector continues to be made to provide means to fix the issue that triggers hunger, disease and poverty. It’s a tool that soaks up water from different sources and filters it to potable water. You will find various ways for ZeusHydration to gather water, one of these is collecting rainwater the industry common practice among people who reside in rural areas. Inside this product, there is a sponge element that functions like a micro-filter. Once the sponge is uncovered to ponds, it quickly soaks in water and moisture. When compressed, the sponge will release neat and safe water. One other way for ZeusHydration water collector to obtain water comes from the floor from the surrounding, apart from rainwater which makes its way into through its cover, especially following a shower of rain. Actually, this product has the capacity to absorb and filter water from muddy pools.

Kwan Ken Yong ZeusHydration Water Collector
How it works?
To be able to get potable water, user must apply the underside cover after which compress the whole device. ZeusHydration’s micro-filter sponge will filter and pressure out water that is clean with the hole at the middle of the very best cover once the user removes the cap. ZeusHydration water collector is very lightweight and compressible when dry therefore it’s really efficient when saved and moved to various places.

Concept ZeusHydration RainWater Collector Design ZeusHydration Water Collector

Rainwater ZeusHydration Collector
Design by Kwan Ken Yong


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    Drinking water is often collected at springs, extracted from artificial borings (wells) in the ground, or pumped from lakes and rivers. Building more wells in adequate places is thus a possible way to produce more water, assuming the aquifers can supply an adequate flow.


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