ADJUST Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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The design of the watch can be futuristic and small. The strap is constructed of 2 pieces of accommodating plastic, molded to be able to fake links. Your outer part of the scenario is more rigid, its top is toned, with a cavity which hosts the show covers. The back is constructed of metal, contrasting with all the plastic part along with giving an illusion of thinness towards the case. The time is told with a blend of 32 LED-enlightened triangles, emulating classical digits. One side of each one triangle is a little more enlightened than the rest, thanks to the position in the diode inside it. It looks mysterious but is actually examine as a regular digital camera watch, the hours are on top and the moments below. When important the side button, the wrist watch displays a short computer animation, tells the time, along with stays on for some seconds.
TokyoFlash ADJUST Watch

ADJUST Watch Concept Concept ADJUST Watch TokyoFlash

Nico NL1 ADJUST Watch Concept TokyoFlash
Design by Nico NL1


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