Aqua Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Aqua Watch
The inner 3 ripples are hours, Three or more 6 9 and 12 are in his or her relative positions on the clockface, while the other a long time build up toward all of them. Minutes in sets of 5 form the outside ripple, and single minutes are revealed as the droplet in the heart. Those fans associated with Tokyoflash who are more smooth in their view of occasion would enjoy this notion. The LEDs tend to be heavily refracted by the rounded glass of the encounter. When viewed from odd angles this gives the illusion of water, when viewed via head on, the Light emitting diodes are easily read.

Cory says:

While viewing a droplet of water on high speed camera, I noticed two things. Each time the droplet enters the water, a smaller, lighter droplet bounces back to the surface, this happens many times over until the droplet is microscopic in size. Water droplets are also not tear drop shaped, but perfectly spherical. I wanted to make a timepiece that captured this.

TokyoFlash Aqua Watch Cory TokyoFlash Aqua Watch Design Aqua Watch

Aqua Watch TokyoFlash
Design by Cory Farris


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