Ben Eco Car by Rob Thornham

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Ben Eco Car Rob Thornham
Nowadays gadgets, things and even vehicles have a very short lifespan, we all always want more things and get them cheaper and quicker. We don’t realize each of the waste, garbage and also pollution created by this particular behavior until we all start suffering the effects with the economical situation and global warming. The actual designer of this small eco-car named Ben, proposes with his MDes major venture, a car that is not only a mode associated with transport, more than something we use till is broken as well as exhausted. It’s meant to be an item with “personality” and its own identification. Not something we merely use, but some thing to trust and look after. The idea is usually to create a car which can be “adopted” as your pal or perhaps a member of your family, giving it perhaps your surname.
Ben, with a smaller size than a Fiat 500 and area for 4 grownups, is meant to be a clean, urban small car. Also it’s gentle with the environment thanks to their 300V lithium-ion battery that power the 2 Michelin active-wheel hub power generators creating a combined serp with 81 power.
Wheel Ben Eco Car Rob Thornham

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Poster Ben Eco Car Rob Thornham
Design by Rob Thornham


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