Crypto-Lite Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Crypto Lite
The strap is made of a man-made material. This wrist watch is USB normal rechargeable via a computer and it has a button on each side of the display. The actual left one shows the date along with the right one the time. To see the time or day, just concentrate on the diagonal lines in each and every figure and you will view a hidden digit rotated and balanced 45 degrees counterclockwise. To assist prevent anyone from mistaking the time for the time or vice versa, enough time and date tend to be displayed in environmentally friendly and blue correspondingly. Geeks, puzzle solvers, layout fans, sci-fi fans and anyone who likes to wear something different. It would be a good point of conversation and also icebreaker. It’s original and looks complicated and futuristic. Furthermore, it is very easy to understand.

Lloyd Mushy says:

This watch design is called “Crypto-Lite” and was inspired by one of my puzzles.

TokyoFlash Crypto Lite Watch Concept Concept Crypto Lite Watch

Lloyd Mushy Crypto Lite Watch
Design by Lloyd Mushy TokyoFlash


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