Rotary Mechanical Smartphone

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rotary mechanical smartphone
Can there be space for old-fashioned guises within the digital revolution? I believe there’s, and that’s why steampunk is alive. Settling digital v/s Mechanical dispute together with his Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, designer Richard Clarkson provides for us a smartphone that’s so tangible that it is aura talks for itself! Stalling the “digital-take-over”, the telephone features two interchangeable brass dials, a genuine rotary dial along with a button dial. What is really clever would be that the act of altering these is inspired from altering the contacts on the camera! Electroplated copper having a coat of fresh paint completes your body-job. Intended for the steampunk and plain and simple fans, this phone will certainly favors over the lines.
rotary mechanical smartphone2
rotary mechanical smartphone3
rotary mechanical smartphone4
rotary mechanical smartphone5
rotary mechanical smartphone6
rotary mechanical smartphone7
rotary mechanical smartphone8
rotary mechanical smartphone9
Design by Richard Clarkson


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