Smart 454 WWT Concept Car

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Smart 454 WWT
The smart crochet robots called SGRs of WWT (Weight Watch Technology) in Germany develop probably one of the most light-weight vehicles in the world. These kinds of robots are capable of sewing carbon fiber into different complex shapes and forms that enable the creation of a condition optimizing in energy and weight. With this particular technology the WWT can create the Smart 454 WWT. This specific car is made of light and portable but strong components. Recyclable plastics are used to produce the windows, bumpers and bumpers where in the rooftop, a thin however very sturdy recycled textile that has distinct designs. Its wheels are made of carbon fiber and also have an incorporated suspension that is very light-weight making it impossible to run a flat tire.

Car Smart 454 WWT Concept Concept Smart 454 WWT Car Design Smart 454 WWT

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