Arashi Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Arashi Watch Concept
The time and date are displayed in a simple but a bit unusual way. Some lightning bolts inside the display are made up through straight lines that could be illuminated individually. The number of illuminated lines inside each lightning bolt gives the corresponding number in the 4-digit time as well as date. In addition, in the event the watch is in “time mode” one of many 5 circles, that serve to simulate raindrops striking the ground, is lit every 10 seconds right up until all of them are lit. When exactly 60 seconds has elapsed the 5 illuminated groups go out. The strap is constructed from a man-made material there are 2 links for displaying time, date and thunderstorm cartoon. The watch is Hardware rechargeable via a computer.

Lloyd Mushy says:

This watch design is called “Arashi” after the Japanese word meaning “storm”. It was inspired by a number of things, including the phrase “Time is an abstract concept”, modern art and, of course, thunderstorms!

TokyoFlash Arashi Watch Concept
Design by Lloyd Mushy


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