Ascension Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Ascension Watch
This is a watch for geometry fans who like to wear a new less geeky, a lot more fashionable timepiece. The perspective dependency is an essential part of this watch. It generates some confusion yet is easy to understand. One half of the watch is constructed of a hard shell carrying the display and let it flow in the segmented straps, which are the lover of the watch. They are shaped in experience of the inspiring stairways. We are suggesting some material and light variants, using the ascension / descension subject.

Peter & Sam say:

The initial idea for this LED watch came from the so called Penrose Stairs. These imaginary stairs let you walk up eternally by stepping on the same steps again and again each cycle. From a certain perspective, real life models can look like the often seen images. From another perspective you can see, it wouldn’t work. This perspective dependency guided us to the display and the time reading.

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Sam Jerichow Ascension Watch
Design by Peter Fletcher & Samuel Jerichow


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