Bent Hands Clock Concept by Gihawoo Design

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Bent Hands Clock
Bent Hands Clock Concept by Gihawoo Design is pretty weird reputation for a wall clock, don’t you think? Well, the particular name actually matches very well if you take a review of this unique clock design and style. Reading a single time in a watch is normal, nonetheless, what if you could tell the time in different international locations around the world at a glance? This is why we think Bent Arms clock is one of clever designs from Gihawoo. This specific clock has been built with a single spiraling equip that indicates some time in different countries worldwide.
Time Bent Hands Clock Concept

Gihawoo Design Bent Hands Clock Design Bent Hands Clock Concept Concept Bent Hands Clock

World Bent Hands Clock Concept
Design by Gihawoo Design


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