Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar by Provoco

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Shayton Equilibrium
The following is an introduction to a new conceptual car brand via the brand’s first virtual car. The name of the brand can be Shayton, a word that comes through the Sioux word for falcon (Chayton distinct Shay-ton.) The car that’s being shown is the Shayton Equilibrium. To describe Shayton as a brand, the Equilibrium is referred to as the world’s first hyper-car. Simply because this car aims to show off pure hedonism, perversion on four added wheels, Shayton the brand can be easily seen as an niche brand in which wishes to become the top tier. To create this type of car as this, a single whose goals are to push the limitations of abstract aspects were born in childhood fantasies, a company need to dedicate themselves not just in creating a solid foundation in a strong story, but in addition to competing with the top brands who’ve been sparking the imaginations associated with designers and automobile enthusiasts for decades.
Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar

Concept Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar Interior Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar

Provoco Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar
Design by Provoco


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