AO Bike Concept by Omer Sagiv

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AO Bike
AO Bike Concept by Omer Sagiv simplifies the critical and complex issues of a bicycle style through unique and modest clean lines and also front forks. With the use of recyclable moulded plastic since the key material, production requirement, as well as market place price of the bike has recently been drastically reduced, while keeping the environment nevertheless green. All features in which are present inside conventional bikes, but are not much functional and provide rider comfort, get been stripped off from the bike. To ensure complete rider protection, the idea contains a built-in basic safety solution and characteristics a dynamo to power the particular front and rear lights. Moreover, riders will have got maximum control and maneuverability via its simple single gear system.

Futuristic AO Bike Concept 2013 AO Bike Concept

Omer Sagiv AO Bike Concept
Design by Omer Sagiv


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