Identity Y2 Supercar Concept

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Design Identity Y2 Supercar
Identity first moved into the Geneva Motor Demonstrate in 2007 featuring its first supercar concept- the I2. It’s taken the company through Spain five long years to produce an additional supercar in the form of the Y2. The latest in Identity’s line up draws inspiration from one of the very feared and ferocious predators known to man, the great bright shark. In paper, the Identity Y2 is a sports activities coupe equipped with a V12 engine capable of 520 power that produces 700Nm of twisting (369 lb/ft). All that power beneath the hood translates to an extraordinary 0-100km/h (0-60mph) acceleration of lower than 5 seconds plus a none-too shabby top pace of 300km/h (187mph). Although the Y2 notion car wasn’t completely finished when shown plus it remains unclear about when Identity can come up with a completed supercar, its engineering along with design using premium materials that include Kevlar, aluminium and carbon fiber plus its exciting V12 strength train all indicate a promising supercar when completed.


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