iHolo Multimedia Cellphone


iholo multimedia cellphone
iHolo Multimedia Cellphone. The multimedia needs of modern consumers are increasing by the day, and we need some highly advanced devices to withstand the latest technological advancements, while fulfilling new requirements. Developed by the creator of the Mercator, Kingyo xie, the “iHolo” is a futuristic cellphone that makes use of holographic imaging technology to achieve the separation of the contents of the screen, allowing a completely new experience to the user. Featuring advanced technologies, including touchscreen, infrared, Bluetooth and so on, the multimedia cellphone projects the content on any flat surface, so the users could have a life-size screen to realize different applications with ease.
iholo multimedia cellphone2
iholo multimedia cellphone3
With iHolo users can effortlessly and instantly inquire everyday info such as calendar, stock market, maps, ID card, weather report and so on. It also allows high definition video playback to make your video chat and long-range cooperation better with dynamic adjustment of the screen size. Amassing a vast collection of songs, users can enjoy high-fidelity sound quality on the go. Providing a flexible user interface, the portable device ensures an immersive game experience so the avid gamers could have an unprecedented game life.
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iholo multimedia cellphone5
iholo multimedia cellphone6
iholo multimedia cellphone7
iholo multimedia cellphone8
iholo multimedia cellphone9
iholo multimedia cellphone10
Design by Kingyo Xie [via]


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