Marauder Dozer Concept by Jon Pope

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Marauder Dozer
Marauder Dozer was inspired by Marauder ants that can kill prey multiple times their own size. Jon Pope, the industrial designer that has been acknowledged for his remarkable car design with visually wonderful details, designed Marauder Dozer to offer you a futuristic bulldozer version with superior all terrain capabilities. You are able to read Jon Pope explanations below.
The Omnivore Marauder ants are the reason you don’t tie up cattle as well as children in Africa because Marauder ants could take down prey hundreds if not thousands of periods larger then their own size. They do this by traveling inside millions and swarming on their pray. To achieve this, these people need travel in massive numbers very efficiently upon super highways they create around the jungle floor. There are different classes of Marauder ants that do specific work opportunities and one of the larger super-major worker’s simply task is to act like any bulldozer to quickly clear a path for the super highway so the various other workers can forage by the masses to the colony.

Design Marauder Dozer Concept
This super strong exoskeleton super-major marauder ant seemed just like the perfect fit to heavily influence the look of a high speed dozer for use to quickly generate fire lines to help control forest fires. That could also always be used in urbane settings to speedily clear debris covered streets for emergency vehicles soon after flood waters or tsunami waters have receded like from the recent earthquake off the particular Pacific coast of Tohoku in Japan. Its high pace super duty all terrain capabilities would enable it to speedily travel to any remote hot spot in which it is needed, exactly like the marauder ant.

The Marauder Dozer has six track frames along with rubber tracks connected to six articulating legs mounted to the chassis. Like the six legs on an ant, it allows your Marauder dozer to travel with low ground pressure, allowing regarding superior all terrain capabilities. The legs can jack up your chassis for high ground clearance for effortless travel over debris piles. The legs associated with Marauder Dozer can also extend considerably enough to keep your cab dry in up to 13.6 feet involving water while traveling through water hazards as well as swamp terrain. The legs can also connector up the rear end once the center of gravity needs being shifted more towards the actual front to give your front blade better ground braking force. A significant 17.8 foot wide by 8.A couple of foot high debris blade on the front of the Marauder Dozer allows for dirt and little debris to flow trough while catching along with moving immobilizing debris out of the way. Jacking the actual track frame legs all the means up allows the dozer to push higher upwards on larger standing trees to make it easier to push these people over. The huge teeth on the blade allow the particular dozer to effortlessly dig up large stumps and old fallen trees that have become sunken into the forest floor.

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Concept Marauder Dozer
Design by Jon Pope


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