Mercedes Benz 320 Tourbillon Watch by Marko Petrovic

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Mercedes 320 Tourbillon Watch
Mercedes 320 tourbillon watch was design as tribute to Mercedes-Benz type 320, firstly introduced in mid-1937. This car was special because it was given an independent front and rear suspension, with coil springs at all four corners. This gave the car impressive road manners while keeping the passengers comfortable. This watch was born from the necessity of creating purely car oriented watch. The main goal of this watch is to show the obvious resemblance with the Mercedes car brand pointing out elegancy above all. Highly precision and attention to details refers to “German precision”. The overall Mercedes 320 tourbillon watch design was inspired by the instrument cluster, so with that spirit in mind, the routine of reading the time has been broken. The hours and minutes are shown as miles (kilometers) in a racing scale, expressing the “car feeling”. The main impact was made by a tourbillon with the shape of a Mercedes logo, clearly pointing the brand identity.
Mercedes 320 Tourbillon

Marko Petrovic Mercedes Benz 320 Tourbillon Detail Mercedes 320 Tourbillon Watch Design Mercedes 320 Tourbillon Watch

Concept Mercedes 320 Tourbillon Watch
Design by Marko Petrovic


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