Tenji LCD Digital Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Tenji LCD Digital Watch
Tenji expresses Liquid crystal in the brand-new elegant means and it is a whole new mixture of geekiness as well as minimalism. Anyone who loves ultramodern and also futuristic unisex timepieces and wants an always-on, read-at-a-glance present will like this kind of small splendor. Time sharing with around the Tenji is actually comparatively easy. Your digits may possibly look uncommon in the beginning, but once you probably know how we were holding made, it’s effortless. They may be aligned inside a dynamic position, that serves to tilt your mind slightly off to the right you just read the 4 numbers across the straight from the case. It is really an always upon Liquid crystal display on top of a phosphorescent cyan background. Each and every amount is actually baked into a dark band-like inset which gadgets throughout the sides in the modest cubic case. Your minor likeness on the Kisai Sensai ended up being remarkably welcome. The gentle rubber band make a wonderful contrast for the material scenario.

TokyoFlash Tenji LCD Digital Watch
Heather & Sam say:

Tenji is Japanese and can be translated to “dotted time”. The basic idea is using classic digits and replacing each horizontal line segment by a dot. Sam and Heather had a collaboration before and after sharing some thoughts about the basic idea, another collaboration was born.

Heather Sable Sam Jerichow Tenji LCD Digital Watch Heather Sable Tenji LCD Digital Watch

Samuel Jerichow Tenji LCD Digital Watch
Design by Samuel Jerichow & Heather Sable


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