Valtra Ants Tractor Concept by Lighthaus

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Valtra Ants Tractor
Basically Valtra Ants tractor is obtainable in two different versions hybrid electric or full electric drive educate. Each of these tractors consists of 2 basic modules: the Soldier that capabilities 100kW power and the Worker that features 200kW power. This can be a good modular solution that you could choose according to your needs, you can choose to utilize each module individually or work together. Every of these machines wheels is connected to the chassis via a suspension beam where the stiffness and position of the beams can be individually adjusted. This particular design provides optimum driving comfort on any kind of terrain while the height of the equipment can be adjusted to work on different environment.

Valtra Ants tractor is an enhanced version of our traditional tractor. This concept tractor has been designed pertaining to Valtra, a company that specializes inside delivering customized tractor for its customers. Following the particular same principles from Valtra, Ants tractor delivers innovation tractor design which usually offers you customized power source, flexibility, environmentally friendly system, optimum versatility. The design of Valtra Ants tractor allows you to operate this kind of tractor on wider range of potential farming needs.

Image Concept Valtra Ants Tractor Lighthaus Valtra Ants Tractor Concept

Design Valtra Ants Tractor Concept
Design by Lighthaus


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