Health Assistant Device Concept by Rochus Jacob

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Health Assistant Device
This kind of Health Assistant Device functions dual layer where the outside layer works just like a new cellphone with an e-ink touch display for you to operate the phone. There are many button layouts which can be chosen depending on the user’s knowledge. Simply slide open the outside layer to be able to reveal your medical data. The actual minimalist interface prevents user from getting lost in sub menus whilst in health assistant mode. Here’s one of fantastic attempts to design future Health Assistant Device from Rochus Jacob. The interface of the medical device features the cell-phone-like display to provide patients access to his or her health information. Using this device, patients could synchronize their medical data using an external server in which their doctors can furthermore monitor their individuals progress and optimize the treatment.

Concept Health Assistant Device Dual Layer Health Assistant Device Concept Health Assistant Device Rochus Jacob

Rochus Jacob Health Assistant Device
Design by Rochus Jacob


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