Rolls Royce Watch Concept by Nicolas Lehotzky

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Rolls Royce Watch
As an industrial designer that focuses on wristwatch design, Nicolas Lehotzky is trying to improve the world of wrist watches via his unique and also innovative designs. This individual just shared his / her Rolls Royce watch notion with us which based on the Jacob & Co. Quenttin enjoy. This watch may be designed with a motion that was inspired by the famous Rolls-Royce Phantom motor simply by using a set of barrels to indicate the time. The kinetic energy is stored inside of 6 vertical barrels. If you take look at the left side of this enjoy, you’ll notice a miniature regarding motor belt design connected to the winding mechanism.
Nicolas Lehotzky Rolls Royce Watch

Design Rolls Royce Watch Concept1
Design by Nicolas Lehotzky


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