YAL LED Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Lechopier Yoann


The symbol is divided into several parts :
- The middle circle indicate hours (one led for one hour)
- The outer branches indicate minutes (one led for 5 minutes)
- The 2 leds on each side indicate the single minutes (on led for 1 minute)
- And the two leds on the middle is a PM indicator.

Design YAL Watch Concept
Yoann says:

For a long time, I like to make some graphic creation in my free time and I used to put on it my little logo and “YAL” as a signature. I thought it will be cool to design a watch concept with it ! So, I took my pencil, turned on the tron music and began to create a watch with my inspiration.

Concept YAL Watch TokyoFlash YAL Watch Concept

Yoann YAL Led Watch Concept
Design by Yoann TokyoFlash


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