BabyQ Tricycle Bike Concept by Su Pin Chia & Chen Lu An

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On October 18, 2015
Last modified:February 24, 2012


BabyQ Bike Concept
BabyQ Tricycle Bike Concept by Su Pin Chia & Chen Lu An is an entertaining ride-on toy for children. It may be converted from a three-wheeled structure to a two-wheeled format as children increase. BabyQ differs from conventional tricycles because it can be changed coming from a three-wheeler into a two-wheeler. The actual three-wheeled BabyQ provides the particular stability that a new younger child still wants, and lets parents relax while the child is actually playing. Afterwards, when the child is older, BabyQ can be converted in to its two-wheeled format. This helps the child to develop their particular sense of equilibrium.

BabyQ bike concept is created of all-natural materials such as wood and wool felt. The shape as well as material give the toy a pet-like high quality. It is pleasant for the touch and there are no sharp edges to hurt small fingers.
Design by Su Pin Chia & Chen Lu An for red dot award


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