Edge Bio-Mechanically Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Peter Fletcher

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Edge Bio Mechanically Watch
Time about this watch design is displayed in an exceedingly conventional digital style, the 4 metallic “ribbons” display just one digit each. The display is triggered by controls within the chunky asymmetric strap as the KISAI logo design, these controls would come with time, date, animation and configurations. Even though inspiration comes from a reasonably mundane and conventional source the end result appears like something from the publish-apocalyptic future in which the machines have previously absorbed. This watch design would look great on any bio-robotically enhanced human or would-be cyborg fighting for that resistance… or perhaps your average person around the traditional!

Edge Bio Mechanically Enhanced Human Watch
Peter says:

“I was driving in my car and I noticed a trend with modern cars to have strip LED tail lights and running lights (halo style lights). This got me thinking about digits being displayed in thin strip light shapes. I then imagined these forms extruded and metallic and ended up with this watch design.

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Design Edge Bio Mechanically Watch
Design by Peter Fletcher


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