Indra Laundry Machine Concept by Elodie Delassus

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Indra Laundry Machine
Indra laundry machine has been built to be easily repaired and built locally, it in addition proposes the idea of reusing the water by applying smart water filtration system. Do you know that you simply can find the actual world’s biggest open-air laundry in India? These men wash clothes manually as in washing in cold and shared water, soaping and rinsing through early in the morning till sunset. Indra laundry device is a design proposal from Elodie Delassus to help these men conduct their task easier. This washing machine doesn’t use electricity because manual labor is nevertheless cheaper than machinery along with electricity, user can use the pedal mechanical system in order to spin the clothes. It is a new low cost as well as low tech, yet Indra offers an easier washing process and better water intake control for Indian cities and villages.

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Laundry Machine Indra Concept
Design by Elodie Delassus


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