Mechanical Watch Design Concept TokyoFlash by Scheffer Laszlo

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Mechanical Cylinders Watch
This mechanical watch design would need a large situation along with a reliable securing mechanism to guarantee the cylinders lock onto the right time. Three cylinders would rotate to show time by numbers (hrs, 10 minute group and single minutes). A steampunkesque reality that would look incredible in your wrist. The watch might have a USB rechargeable battery to energy the mechanical cylinders and separated miniature stepper motors for every ”glow within the dark” cylinders. “Glow at nighttime cylinders” I hear you request? Laszlo’s idea is by using self-luminous glow-in-the-dark fresh paint, that is non-toxic and can stay vibrant for 25 years around the cylinders. Which means that the timepiece cylinders would glow vibrantly because they turn retaining the spirit of the many watches at Tokyoflash Japan which use light. Time could be “always on” and it is easy to read because it is inside a gifs. If you’d want to see this idea become reality, election and then leave feedback within the comments section below.
Laszlo Design Mechanical Watch

TokyoFlash Mechanical Watch Design
Design by Laszlo Design


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