Mercedes Benz Dice Dashboard Concept

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Mercedes Benz Dice Dashboard
Mercedes Benz has unveiled their futuristic DICE dashboard concept during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The particular demonstration provides vision of the future of interactive and intuitive dashboard inside premium automobiles. DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) will certainly transform your vehicle into a intelligent mobility partner via bidirectional interaction. Your long term car will certainly not only communicate using you as the driver nevertheless also with additional vehicles and its environment to obtain all relevant information with regard to your trip and practical utilization of it immediately. We’ve been featuring many futuristic transportations with the same idea, this seems that we’re getting closer simply by day. Mercedes Benz Dice dashboard concept may also inform you about other vehicles approaching intersections for you to protect you from hazardous situations. It is also smart adequate to simplify your parking space search by informing an individual which space may become vacant soon. This specific information will be displayed on the windshield of your vehicle.

Futuristic Mercedes Benz Dice Dashboard
The vehicle’s windshield becomes touch-screen area with brilliant display where essential digital information regarding the vehicle and its surroundings will likely be presented to you. Passengers can have got gesture-based interaction with this information. Mercedes Benz would combine the Augmented Reality along with natural gesture control in order to develop a new as well as exciting form of communication between passengers and also vehicle’s surroundings. Mercedes Benz futuristic Dice dashboard concept mimics intuitive human behavior which usually involves emotional and cultural aspects to create unique driving experience. You’ll be able to drive pass a club along with hear a catchy song, you can effortlessly transfer the music played straight into your car. Any kind of news, buildings or communities information may be retrieved in an instant.

Concept Mercedes Benz Dice Dashboard 2020 Mercedes Benz Dice Dashboard Design

Multimedia Mercedes Benz Dice Dashboard
Design by Mercedes Benz


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