Snake Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Snake Watch
This design should attract individuals who like retro style products and games. Everything is straightforward, uncluttered and geometric. Just like a rectangular display enables this deign being incorporated in existing watch enclosures. Time display strategy is simple, entertaining and novel. The procedure might be acquired to hundreds of several types of energy display and animations. It might be simple to program the watch showing custom messages and styles.

Snake Watch Design TokyoFlash Peter
Peter says:

The inspiration for this concept is based on the old mobile phone game “Snake”.The premiss for the game: you control a snake, around the screen pixel blocks appear which you try to intercept. As your snake eats the blocks the snake gets longer and longer.
The game is over when you run into your own tail or the edges of the screen. I decided you use this snake to describe the time. When the time is not being displayed the snake will move about the screen like a constant always on screen saver.

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Design by Peter Fletcher


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