Tokyo XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle by Shinsuke Aizawa

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The XSense is designed simply by Shinsuke Aizawa from Japan that is currently studying at Seattle Communication Art mixing to become an motor vehicle designer. He acquired an Architecture amount from the Oyama National School. He also stood a project venture with Suzuki along with an internship throughout Honda. He has two awards to his / her credits: the This year Michelin Challenge Design as well as 2009 Toyota Universal Design and style contest. The custom being in digital-native generation understands the user’s lifestyle and also brings up the five-sense enterprise. The appeal of the particular Tokyo client, where ever there is elevated denseness, is it instinctively indicates the mobility that’s determined and can controlled through the thing that is matched to the entire body and linked to the mind of the person driving that.

Design by Shinsuke Aizawa


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