Tsumu Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Tsumu Watch
This concept is original and could be simple to make in most types of colours.
Rather than getting 4 relatively small numbers displayed beside one another, just like conventional digital watches, I figured it may be fun to ensure they are much bigger as well as different shades, colours and thicknesses and stacked on the top of one another to ensure that, when they may still easily be identifiable towards the started, they may just appear just like a meaningless variety of colourful shapes to everybody else. Nevertheless, the starting time and date can be shown being an animation by pressing the right button two times, to ensure that the numbers are revealed one to another so as in the bottom to the peak. The strap is made of a guy-made material and you will find 2 buttons for exhibiting the starting time and date. The timepiece is USB rechargeable using a computer.
Anybody who likes retro and modern searching watches and perhaps really wants to put on something a bit different.

TokyoFlash Tsumu Watch Concept
Lloyd says:

This watch design is called “Tsumu” after the Japanese word meaning “to stack”.

Lloyd Mushy Tsumu Watch Concept
Design by Lloyd Mushy


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