Saab PhoeniX Concept Car

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Saab PhoeniX
Saab PhoeniX Concept is recognized as Saab Motor’s most economically successful car today. In the beginning derived from innovative architectural designs, the Phoenix, az is noted for the “Aeromotional” feature: A visual tip of aerodynamic designs popularized by Saab Power generators since its launch of the “UrSaab” edition. Jer Castriota of Saab Motors recognized the car’s aeromotional concept, fluidity, and also power. The PhoeniX’s aeromotional design was inspired from your company’s early release of various other UrSaab models. A crew of aircraft engineers designed the first batch of UrSaab cars utilizing aeromotional designs. The car’s rare-side screen frames have a dark screen appearance as the “central body wing” corner is designed with minimal Guided headlamps that highlight the inner part’s visibility.

Car Concept Saab PhoeniX

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