Toctofono Knockin Phone Concept by Andrea de Chirico, Giacomo Meiarini & Gian Marco Vitti

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Toctofono Knockin Phone
Knockin Phone is really a technological device which aims to improve the associations along with other citizens. It’s outfitted having a camera, multi-touch display, RFID nick and sensor to identify your stuff and then help remind you regarding your activity for your day, and pressure sensor around the wood to identify knocking action. This project is positioned within the top ten list inventions and being displayed at Triennale, design museum in Milan. Toctofono or Knockin Phone is just one of Samsung Youthful Design Award 2011 distribution to reply to the task of making new electronics for brand new families. Knockin Phone is essentially neighborhood collaboration system providing you with means to fix nowadays isolation of those inside their district. In line with the scenario, this technique works just like a phone, with the exception that rather than calling the amounts, we are able to choose our neighbor we’d prefer to call in the display panel and knocking around the wood to create the phone call. Additionally, it enables you to definitely connect with other neighbors throughout collaboration and activities discussing for example vehicle discussing while shopping or likely to common places, etc.

Design Toctofono Knockin Phone Knockin Toctofono Phone Concept Andrea de Chirico Giacomo Meiarini Gian Marco Vitti Toctofono Knockin Phone Giacomo Meiarini Toctofono Knockin Phone Andrea de Chirico Toctofono Knockin Phone

Gian Marco Vitti Toctofono Knockin Phone
Design by Andrea de Chirico, Giacomo Meiarini & Gian Marco Vitti


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