A Touch Sensitive Guitar Concept by Formquadrat

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A Touch Sensitive Guitar
With “A Touch Sensitive Guitar”, you’ll be in a position to present a new top song from your favorite pop star for your friends and brag about this. This guitar is 100 percent touch sensitive in line with the capacitive electronics in a fresh multi-media social media environment. You can download the particular tutorial the minute you hear the new cool song on the radio, it simplifies the method of learning an instrument and also creates a playful access on the instrument. The mission of this project can be focused on developing a guitar in which offers a playful and straightforward understandable access to music in general pertaining to you. Digital tunes made tangible and comprehensible. “A Touch Sensitive Guitar” program is integrated in your home entertainment and computer technique. It explores digital tunes possibilities to new generation. The body of this guitar is created of touch sensitive surface which focused directly into 3 areas: neck, drum area and touch tyre. This guitar is ergonomically and optimally designed to allow flawless flow involving playing. Thanks to the reduction of mechanical components the susceptibility of error can be minimized and the production costs are usually lowered. Play your audio and process the idea as if you are in a very recording studio. The open source software enables one to develop your music even more and share that with your friends along with other users. Increase your enthusiasm by challenging yourself in opposition to other users via cultural media platforms. The guitar based on the touchskin® technologies developed by plastic electronic. Touchskin® provides capacitive technology on freely formed plastic part surfaces.

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Formquadrat A Touch Sensitive Guitar Concept
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