Audi A9 Car Concept by Daniel Garcia

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Audi A9 Car Concept Daniel Garcia
The A9 concept offers amazing features but to be discovered innovative materials. The windscreen or dashboard and roof are generally integrated into a single part, created using an advanced nano-technology content, which features a self-repairing system and allows for modifications in color and opacity. Your bodywork adapts a digital painting system that allows the owner to change along with at the touch of a button. Another interesting feature of this structure is that is deformable, meaning it offers a superior greater protection for your passengers than a wine glass windscreen, in a crash. The proposed travel train is a hybrid setup which utilizes an internal combustion engine working in conjunction with 4 in-wheel electric motors. This idea is the key to long term car design, manufacturing technology, safety criteria and user experience.
Outside Audi A9 Car Concept Daniel Garcia

Sedan Audi A9 Car Concept Side Audi A9 Car Concept Frontside Audi A9 Car Concept Futuristic Audi A9 Car Concept

Image Audi A9 Car Concept Daniel Garcia
Design by Daniel Garcia


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