Haptica Braille Watch Concept by David Chavez

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2012 Haptica Braille Watch Concept
Haptica Braille Watch Concept by David Chavez is a movable Braille timepiece for your visually impaired, which enables the user to obtain a quick and also accurate time reading while maintaining user discretion. Now one would think that many digital watches are offered for this really purpose, but those watches annoy the particular user whereas when it comes to Haptica it permits the user to employ it without drawing other individuals attention. It is by knowing and seeing the time in which we schedule our day time. The first we all do in the morning is look at the time simply because of which we plan our day along with come to know in which how much occasion to spend in a specific work. We can do this specific because we can see the time with the aid of our watches. Nevertheless what about the folks who are not since lucky as we are usually, the people who’re blind. In today’s world even the blind people are working in good positions and taking up challenges. Getting not able to see the time doesn’t mean that time is not crucial for them, the following we have produced an world finest product for the men and women who do not offer up to the negative situations faced in their life.

Haptica Braille Watch David Chavez Haptica Braille Watch Concept

Design by David Chavez


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