Volkswagen XL1 Concept Car

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Volkswagen XL1
Just how energy efficient could tomorrow’s cars be? Nova answers this question using new XL1. This crossbreed vehicle has a gas consumption of 1L/100 kilometers so that it is the most fuel successful hybrid electric Per internal combustion engine mix car. The XL1 might be highly energy efficient nevertheless its design still causes it to be practical for day to day use. The design can be aerodynamic and stylish. Waiting on only 1,156mm tall, the XL1 is only as high as the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The wing kind doors give it the sportier look and still supplies a large entry as well as exit space since they extend far in the roof. One of the reasons why the XL1 is so gasoline efficient is because it features a total weight of only 795kgs. The weight of the car is broken down the following: 227kg for the entire drive product; 153 kg for the operating gear; 80 kilograms for the equipment; A hundred and five kg for the power system and 230 kilograms for the body, mentorship doors and front wind screen.

Concept Car VW XL1

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