X-Color Watch Design Concept TokyoFlash by Samuel Jerichow

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X Color Watch
Sam says:

“I combined two ideas I had into this watch. The first idea came from the backlight of a car. I had this idea about the same time when I made my go-stop watch. Here again, I am using white light and cover it with colored plastic. And this is where my second idea comes in: I wanted the plastic covers to be replaceable, so everyone can create an own color layout.Time reading works with LEDs in an analog watch layout. The outer LED-ring represents the hours, the middle ring represents five-minute-steps and the inner circle contains the remaining single minutes. The colored plastic rings are locked into each other and into the case by a simple tongue and groove mechanism. They have to be turned 90∞ to be released/locked. Inspired by the backlight of a car, each plastic element is created with an internal relief, so the light gets obscured in a cool way and can be seen from other angles than just from the front view. I see people, who like to express themselves with colors, wearing the watch. If you like to show your country flag colors or those of your favorite soccer team, or if you like to match the colors to your shirt, this is the right watch for you. You can express your mood or just randomly pick another color each day. You’re free to run crazy or to remain sober – it’s in hour hands, or more correct, it’s on your wrist. This watch allows people to easily change it’s appearance according to their taste. It can look serious or funny, but it is always stylish. The color change principle of this watch is effective and affordable.”

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TpkyoFlash X Color Watch Concept
Design by Samuel Jerichow


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