Crossbow Motorcycle Concept by Phil Pauley

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On January 18, 2016
Last modified:March 19, 2012


Crossbow Motorcycle
Crossbow Motorcycle Concept by Phil Pauley is a power motorcycle that doesn’t require its rider to be able to wear a helmet. Yes, no helmet, simply no itchy hair. This is an extreme all weather electric motorbike that features the canopy cover like a shield for you to protect its rider from any danger, that offers the following level of security for motorcyclists. This automatic canopy has been recently beautifully designed based on the riding situation, in this way, your rider’s legs are still free to be able to maintain stability and have full control with low speeds, and concurrently, maximizing aerodynamics for high speed engagement. The particular sporty look of Crossbow motorcycle helps it be perfect for the racetrack or country roads or even cruising the particular urban city areas. The canopy also comes with a windscreen wiper for much better riding vision in rainy days.

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Electric Crossbow Motorcycle Concept
Design by Phil Pauley


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