EOBOT Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Lloyd Mushy

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Telling time about this watch is fairly easy. The very first 4 vertical rows of lights indicate some-digit starting time and date as well as in each row among the lights is illuminated either in eco-friendly or blue. A blue light signifies a level digit along with a eco-friendly light signifies a strange digit. The very best light in each row signifies either (regarded as becoming an even digit) or 1, the 2nd one lower two or three, the 3rd one lower four to five, the 4th one lower six or seven and also the fifth one lower 8 or 9. Therefore, the mixture of the light’s colour and position in each row allows you to determine which digit has been indicated. There’s an explanatory image below. For the two lights within the vertical row around the far right side from the robot, they indicate if the time or date has been displayed. Once the top the first is illuminated which means time has been displayed so when the underside the first is illuminated which means the date has been displayed. An enjoyable feature of the watch would be that the robot’s single red-colored eye moves laterally just like a pendulum. It requires 1 second to visit from one for reds towards the other. There is a short animation below.

The strap is made of a guy-made material (ie animal friendly) and there is a single button along the side of the timepiece for exhibiting the starting time and date. The timepiece is available in a number of colours and it is USB rechargeable using a computer. The kind of people I imagine who’d put on this design are exciting-loving sci-fi fans, movie fans, toy robot enthusiasts, nerds, kids, players, teens and baby seniors.

TokyoFlash EOBOT Watch
Lloyd says:

This watch design is called “EOBOT” and was inspired by the robot I had as a kid and those that appeared in classic sci-fi movies like the The Day The Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet. It’s called “EOBOT” because the display uses different coloured lights to indicate even (E) and odd (O) digits and the pattern of lights together with a circular head forms the shape of a robot.

Design EOBOT Watch Concept LED EOBOT Watch Concept Animation EOBOT Watch Concept

Lloyd Mushy EOBOT Watch Concept
Design by Lloyd Mushy


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