Peugeot EX1 Car Concept

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Peugeot EX1
It’s 100% real. The EX1 has now broken several world records for speeding from a standing begin. It owes its gorgeous performance to its streamlined aerodynamics, it’s ultra-light structure and its a pair of electric motors, that give the car a new cumulative maximum energy of 250 kW (340 bhp) and four-wheel travel. As the preparations for your commercial launch from the iOn near completion, Peugeot demonstrates with the EX1 the exciting possibilities with regard to electric power. The real styling of this two-seater roadster is within keeping with its mechanical design, like a sort of “exoskeleton” highlighting the light-weight mother nature that guided the vehicle’s creation. The design of your body incorporates Peugeot’s new stylistic design and style codes,
first noticed on the SR1 concept automobile earlier this year, with its “floating” top grille and flowing conforms. Polished aluminium elements adorn the door enters in a reference to the particular RCZ and BB1. The electric generator is a potential way to obtain new driving sounds thanks to its excellent acceleration capabilities, but in addition because it is silent in operation and makes the automobile very easy to drive (no need for a gearbox). On the EX1 idea car, two electric powered motors are used, a single on each axle, each with a peak creation of 125 kW (300 kW / 340 bhp in total), and an quickly available constant maximum torque of 240 Nm at the front and back.
Side Electric Peugeot EX1 Car Concept

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