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Sequence Watch
Sequence watch comes with an always-on Liquid crystal display composed of three rows of 12 segments each. Every third segment is wide, to assist reading through. You will find no buttons, but rather you will find two touch zones, one at the very top and something at the end from the watch face. In Mode , the hrs are displayed at the very top, the hundreds of minutes in the centre, and also the single minutes at the end – just observe which segment is switched off and away to read each area of the time. For instance, when the second wide segment is switched off at the very top, then read 6 hrs. When the narrow segment following the second wide segment is switched off, then read 7 hrs. The hundreds of seconds, AM/PM, and alarm indicator will also be proven using segments not employed for the 12-5-9.

Design Sequence Watch
Logan says:

I designed “Sequence” to balance simplicity and complexity. The appearance is always complex, but Mode 0 is easy and simple to read. Mode 3, on the other hand, is logically simple to read, but difficult enough to provide mental exercise for those who want it.

Concept Sequence Watch TokyoFlash Sequence Watch

Logan Design Sequence Watch Concept
Design by Logan Design


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