Smartphone Booklet Concept by Ilshat Garipov

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Smartphone Booklet
The actual Booklet unfolds like a pamphlet along with each side representing any commonly used application or perform. Manufacturers can lower it to any size and once it’s worn out, only recycle it. Don’t worry about private information because everything is supported from a cloud. Power is supplied by simply, SURPRISE, the sun thanks to energy absorbing nanoparticles. Clutch your pearls because I’m with regards to to say a thing amazing – nanoparticles! Yes these tiny, near invisible objects may revolutionize the bio medical, optical and digital fields so designer Ilshat Garipov put pen to paper and came up with all the Smartphone Booklet – a disposable phone as thin being a cardboard made possible simply by switching from traditional silicon to nanoparticles.

Design Smartphone Booklet Concept NanoParticles Smartphone Booklet Fold Smartphone Booklet Concept Ilshat Garipov Smartphone Booklet Concept

Concept Smartphone Booklet
Design by Ilshat Garipov


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