Valentine Turntable Concept by Elodie Delassus

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Valentine Turntable
Valentine Turntable concept was inspired by the iconic bright red Olivetti Valentine typewriter created by Ettore Soltsass. This designer effectively brought pop-art into typewriter world. Following the very same principle, Elodie Delassus has designed a bright red turntable that represents the particular same design words and spirit of the vintage Valentine typewriter. In the old days, this device had been known as phonograph record player or gramophone, but in this 21th-century, it’s called turntable. Valentine Turntable concept attempts in order to bring turntable technology to the up coming level. With each of our conventional turntable, you can do beat mixing, scratching and beat juggling, but with Valentine, you can assume to do more than that. It comes along with special features such as speakers, an audio jack and a new USB port. The LED touchscreen display allows that you mix music and navigate your menu easily. Just like Olivetti Valentine typewriter, this turntable also comes which has a storage box for not only greater accessibility but also portability. Valentine Turntable concept is not going to get just a high-tech turntable however also solve its storage problem.

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Design Valentine Turntable Concept
Design by Elodie Delassus


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