Yoyo Mouse Concept by Chiu Shih Chan

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Yoyo Mouse
Yoyo Mouse Concept by Chiu Shih Chan. This computer mouse has been made like a yoyo. When Yoyo mouse battery is running low, you are able to retract the rope and recharge that by doing a new yo-yo action. In this approach, this device helps anyone reduce any potential injury resulted from prolonged computer utilize by forcing you to do physical activity. Yoyo Mouse makes anyone exercise your hand, wrist along with arm while the winding activity recharges the battery, not to mention all of us help the environment simply by reducing battery replacement purchases. When you play games with regard to hours in front of personal computer, it could lead in order to shoulder and wrist pain. Yoyo Mouse can be a smart design that will combines healthcare with a technological application. It’s a battery powered mouse with innovative battery charging system that forces that you have physical activity to recharge. This concept was born out of a concern exactly where we spend more and more time in front regarding computer for operate and entertainment. Despite the ergonomic design of our gadgets and furniture, still this specific physical inactivity can lead to poor wellness and wellbeing.

Computer Yoyo Mouse Concept Design Yoyo Mouse Concept Unique Yoyo Mouse Concept

Chiu Shih Chan Yoyo Mouse Concept
Design by Chiu Shih Chan


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