Campus Eco Car by Certejan Cosmin

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Campus Eco Car
When I was in college, I hated strolling from building for you to building to take my own classes in such warm weather. I wish my school had this Grounds Eco Car. This small 2 chair electric car was created specifically for campus. The designer was motivated by the snail shell when he designed the car’s exterior, while the size of the car was based on the particular golden ratio. Campus Eco Car car provides comfort, defense under the sun or bad weather, and faster way to move around in campus. The size of this car or truck makes it easy to maneuver as well as park on modest areas.
Green Campus Eco Car

College Campus Eco Car Certejan Cosmin Concept Campus Eco Car Design Campus Eco Car Certejan Cosmin

Futuristic Campus Eco Car
Design by Certejan Cosmin


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