Floating Phone 3D Cellphone Concept

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Floating Phone
The Floating Phone 3D Cellphones Concept gives us an idea of how Three or more D cellphones will look and feel like. The fantasy is about the encounter and how we can a new flat touchscreen intuitively rises to your finger touch and makes dialing or texting a whole brand-new adventure. The added functionality involving doubling up as a Braille phone just goes to so the versatile software we can have to this kinda phone.

Cellphone Floating Phone Concept Gamer Floating Phone Messizon Li Yang Fan Linghan Liu Li Ke Design Floating Phone 3D Cellphones Pengcheng An Yunlong Zhu Zhangxia Ruan Music Floating Phone Concept 3D Floating Phone Cellphones Concept Blind Floating Phone 3D Cellphones Concept Touchscreen Floating Cellphone Concept

Concept Floating Phone 3D Cellphone
Design by Messizon Li, Yang Fan, Linghan Liu, Li Ke, Pengcheng An, Yunlong Zhu & Zhangxia Ruan


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