Monolith Clock Concept by Negrocobre Design Studio

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Monolith Clock
Time is universal, therefore the type of the time ought to be the same. This is actually the principal that pulls these designers to create Monolith clock concept. The hrs and minutes are folded over different sides, the look is comparable to an artwork, not only a clock but additionally an attractive object in almost any room. Powered by batteries, it utilizes LEDs to show time and polished glass or plastic for that surfaces. Monolith clock also features alarm function. Created by Emre Bakir and Mustafa Karakus from Negrocobre Design Studio, Monolith clock concept provides a new perspective in telling time. Your body of the unique clock doesn’t seem like your traditional clock, actually, it’s a mix of time along with a art work. Throughout history, the years have been an essential concept, it’s the earliest human inventions to meet the requirements to measure daily times of your time. The idea of “o’ clock” is really a modern one. Monolith clock continues to be developed in 3d to interrupt the limitations of classic two dimensions clocks.

Negrocobre Design Studio Monolith Clock Concept

Emre Bakirstrong Strong Mustafa Karakus Monolith Clock
Design by Negrocobre Design Studio


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